Text-messaging a "massacre" in Gaza

“We are swimming in death, blood, and amputated victims. Many children. Pregnant women. I've never experienced anything so awful.”
Since Israel banned reporters from Gaza on Dec. 27, SMS messages, like the one above, offer an increasingly rare way for the world to find out what it's like for Palestinians under siege. Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert has been sending such messages on medical needs and conditions in Gaza which he says are "the closest you come to a massacre": 25% of victims of Israeli air and ground atttacks are children; 45% are women and children; and medical workers trying to removed injured residents are getting killed.

Relayed from phone to phone (and eventually to world governments and media), the short communiques offer only the tiniest glimpse into what's emerging as a colossal humanitarian and diplomatic failure:
"Send it [the SMS] along, call it out. DO SOMETHING! DO MORE! We shouldn't call ourselves decent Europeans if we don't act to stop this.”
Above: A young girl killed by an Israeli airstrike, via Cryptome.

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