TC Looks-Like Meme continues...

The Twin Cities Looks-Like meme keeps going, with new offerings:
Andy Sturdevant = Richard Dreyfuss + Sigmund Freud
Colin Kloecker = David Cross + Mathew ("Lost") Fox
Me = Chris Elliot
There's been a little talk of Aaron Landry looking a bit like Louie Anderson, but I'm not going there.


Aaron said...

I've never heard the Louie one before - youch. I have way better teeth!

I have had people say I look like Conan O'Brien. I don't get it, honestly.

Sad to admit, the only time I've felt I've had a true Doppelgänger experience was at Medieval Times in Illinois on a High School trip: at the time I had really long hair and was looking at some photos in a glass case of people all dressed up in armour and shit and all my classmates were surprised to see me in one of them. I go and take a look at it myself and was surprised it looked just like me (although I've never been to Medieval Times before). Closer inspection revealed the person was actually female. Youch.

It was the butt of some jokes for a long time.

Chuck Olsen said...

I've gotten Bill Murray and Kevin Spacey. (i.e. bad complexion and round head.)