Minnesota-made meme: The "Lizard People" write-in vote

Minnesota Public Radio's "Challenged Ballots: You be the judge" post has got to be the site's top traffic generator ever. I've seen it linked locally and nationally, on buttoned-up news sites and Comedy Central's Indecision '08. That last one, which references the infamous contested write-in vote for "Lizard People" (destined to be our "Hanging Chad of Aught Eight"), ends with a few salient questions:
Should the county have accepted the Franken vote? Does the voter consider Al Franken equivalent to the Lizard People? Is Lizard People a collective, or just one person like Cat Power? If elected, will the Lizard People rule benignly or will they control us with their forked-tongue tyranny?
Currently MPR is the top hit on a Google search for the term "Lizard People" (followed by "The Best Conspiracy Theories (Lizard-People Are Running the World!"). Whoever these reptilian-Americans are, MPR, Al Franken and Norm Coleman really put them on the map. In fact, according to Google Trends, they weren't anywhere at all up til now.

The offending ballot:

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