McCain concession: "Lipstick on a pig"

Well put:
Of course, McCain’s gracious concession speech is only notable because it contrasts so sharply with the sad and shabby campaign that he chose to run. Five classy minutes should not expiate several months’ worth of name calling, insinuations, and intellectual dishonesty. Honor cannot be worn like a jacket, to be slipped on and off as the situation dictates. John McCain irrevocably ceded his moral high ground during the course of his campaign, and the press should realize that one good speech doesn’t change that. Joe Klein has it right: Talk about putting lipstick on a pig.


Anonymous said...

You leftists are such gracious winners.

Paul Schmelzer said...

I'll admit, McCain's concession speech was great, but where was this kind of statesmanship when the tenuous Bill Ayers connection was made on McCain's behalf, when McCalin-Palin crowds were calling Obama a "nigger," a terrorist and a socialist, when Sarah Palin was challenging the patriotism of people who simply prefer a different candidate? It was a "sad and shabby" campaign.

Tom said...

It looked to me less like class, more like relief.

Anonymous said...

I think MCCain was dragged down by the extreme right of his party. His history is not all that bad over his career. Palin doubting anyone's patriotism - after addressing the Alaska Independence party and her husband's past membership in it - is absolutely ludicrous!