America: Bluer than it looks

If Barack Obama earned more votes that John McCain, how come that red-and-blue map is so... red? Via Jeff Severns Guntzel, here's a more (um, and less) accurate map by Mark Newman of the University of Michigan. It's a "cartogram, a map in which the sizes of states are rescaled according to their population." While many geographically large states went to McCain, many population-dense smaller states went to Barack.


vettekaas said...

Geographically large states went to Obama and population-dense smaller states went to Barack?

That makes McCain chopped liver, I suppose!

I'm disappointed that 3rd party candidates didn't get talked about more, personally (not that anybody ever talks about 3rd party anything). McKinney was my woman.. but Obama is the next best thing :-)

Paul Schmelzer said...

my error. sleep deprivation does that to a guy.