Video: Hüsker Dü does daytime TV (1986)

Max forwards this amazing(ly odd) appearance by Hüsker Dü on a Twin Cities afternoon show -- KSTP's Good Company with Steve Edelman and Sharon Anderson, according to commenter Laurel Krahn (thanks!) -- in 1986. Like good Minnesotans, the women in the audience politely clap and smile (although I noted a few shifting eyes) after their scorching performance.


huskermould said...

*tip of the hat to eyeteeth*

Laurel Krahn said...

Awesome. That's from the show Good Company with Steve Edelman and Sharon Anderson which aired on KSTP in the afternoons in the '80s (and early '90s IIRC).

Jake said...

Host: So if you want to, you can kind of work a crowd into a real frenzy, I assume.
Hart: In the right situation, we can.
Mould: That’s the power of music, I s’pose.

Holy understatement.