After being blasted by pepper spray, RNC protester not angry at Minneapolis cops

One of the more disturbing clips, of way too many, from the Republican National Convention, is this one showing Leah Lane being repeatedly blasted with pepperspray by Minneapolis police officers who knock her down with their bikes. Yesterday, Fox 9, which got the riveting original footage, talks to her -- and finds that, unlike me, she's not angry at the cops, although she does liken them -- appropriately, in my experience -- to schoolyard bullies.

Note, also, how Fox's Trish Van Pilsum gets hassled by police for filming, even though she was standing on the median strip, well behind the police line. An officer is heard shooting pepperspray at Van Pilsum's feet and saying, "Let's go. I know who you are." More proof that police knowingly targeted journalists. Minneapolis' police chief says he'll look into Lane's treatment and arrest.


Anonymous said...

Why would the police look into this? This dim bulb failed to leave at the order of the police and decides to stand in the street dancing around flashing the peace sign (btw, she looked high to me while doing her little street jig). She deserved everything she got. She totally resisted and failed to leave the scene when ordered.

Paul Schmelzer said...

Seems like poor policing to me. Overwhelming force given the miniscule level of threat.