Rock some sense into the Republicans

"The Republican National Convention is coming to the Twin Cities in September, and wouldn't it be a shame if there was no one to play deafening power chords just up the street?" So reads text at the website of ProVention, online homebase for a concert planned in Lowertown St. Paul on Sept. 3 and 4 to coincide with the GOP convention. But the point isn't an antagonistic, Noriega-psyops kind of thing, but to welcome Republican guests with "music, beauty and rational engagement" (here's the group's platform).

The lineup -- which may change, "probably in the direction of more and more ginormously powerful" -- has elephantine star power: Tapes 'n' Tapes, Haley Bonar, Nellie McKay, The Honeydogs, Charlie Parr, The Alarmists and others.

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Nassassin said...

It appears the site is down. Let's hope it's just a temporary technical problem.

Nellie McKay is amazing. But elephantine?