WCCO to viewer: White people support Obama, too

A drawback to soliciting "Good Questions" from viewers, as WCCO news in Minneapolis does, is that some, well... aren't. Or, as the station's Jason DeRusha puts it, some are "unbelievably idiotic," like the two he highlights today. One viewer, Gary, asked:
Where does Obamas [sic] campaign money come from, most black people are not that rich or is it coming from the middle eastern forces which are very anonymous? Also why is the media so scraced [sic] to say anything bad about him? He cannot be a perfect person.
DeRusha replied, saying the question "is so ridiculous I don't even know where to begin." But a good place to start was a list of Obama donors, many of whom, he adds, are white.

And about those "middle eastern forces"? DeRusha won't even touch it: "Bizarre."

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