Louis Vuitton sues one copyright infringer, hires another

Anaba writes that Louis Vuitton -- the luxury bag-maker that's suing a designer for copyright infringement for using a likeness of one of its totes in a Darfur benefit piece -- has also collaborated with artist Richard Prince on a bag. Much of Prince's work is overtly about the appropriation of corporate imagery (most famously, Marlboro ads). The Walker Art Center, where Prince now has a show, says the artist has built a career on "recycling, reflecting, and reframing photographs, cartoons, advertisements, and other images already existing in the public sphere." Sounds awfully familiar...

Anaba also links to a New York Times piece on photographer Jim Krantz, who shot many of the Marlboro ads Prince rephotographed. Prince wouldn't comment on Krantz's increasing annoyance at Prince's uncredited use of his work. In an email to the Times' author, he wrote, "I never associated advertisements with having an author." I suspect Vuitton would have a very different view of the "authorship" of its handbags.

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