No joke: Trippi says Obama/Clinton ticket "likely"

An (overly?) optimistic entrepreneur on ebay is trying to sell off the domain ObamaHillary08.com -- shortened to the exclamation OH, in case you missed it -- for a buy-it-now price of a cool $400k. But the notion of a dual ticket, toyed with by mashup artists with varying levels of Photoshop mastery, has a foothold with a more credible source, Joe Trippi. The longtime Democratic strategist tells New York Magazine that there's a real possibility of a Clinton/Obama (or vice-versa) pairing:
Well, I don't see the Clintons walking off the field if Hillary has the popular-vote lead, which is a realistic possibility. And I don't see Obama walking away from a lead among pledged delegates. That is why I think it is likely that, however this is resolved, the two of them run on a ticket together, and here is why: In 1976 and 1980 we had fights that went to the convention. In 1976 it was Ford and Reagan fighting it out and Jimmy Carter became president. In 1980 it was Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter and Reagan became president. History says you don't want to campaign into the convention, even if McCain will be carrying George Bush's baggage. So I think there will be tremendous pressure on the eventual nominee to pull the party together by picking the other.

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