France calls for EU boycott of the Beijing opening ceremonies

As activists say Tibetan protesters are being "shot like dogs," French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner is calling on the EU to boycott the opening ceremonies -- but why not the whole shootin' match? -- of the Olympic games in Beijing.

Above: China's famed Terracotta Warriors conscripted to speak out against China's crackdown on dissent in Tibet, by Mark Trepte/The Associated Press.


AgileTercel said...

I am a chinese.Tibet is always a part of China!
I hate the people who want to indepent the Tibet!
I hate Hillary Clinton!
Corsica is never a part of France!
Liberate Corsica!

One world, One dream!

AgileTercel said...

France boycott!

AgileTercel said...

Please listen to the voices of the Chinese,every people. Opposition boycott of the Olympic Games!
Dalai Lama is just a clown!If I met him, I will tell him that every chinese don't like him! The Tibet is good now, why does he always wants to damage it?
Hillary must apologize for us!

My email is:

Welcome to discuss the Tibet with me!

Paul Schmelzer said...

Who's the clown? I tried to "discuss the Tibet with" you, but you provided a bogus email address, and your profile, created today, goes nowhere. If you're trying to serve China's cause, you're doing a piss-poor job: you're openness and transparency are on par with China's, and your logic seems about as intelligent.