The year in media... and Suzane Somers

Yesterday, The Daily Mole ran my meager contribution to its series of reflections by local media writers on the year's best stories. I can't say it's my best writing (highlight: I use the term "golden turd"), but it does feature my best-ever author photo. Taken by Adrienne Wiseman of the Walker Art Center marketing department, it does out me, as the Mole's Steve Perry writes, as "one of the Twin Cities’ leading Suzanne Somers scholars."

Also, sorry for the hiatus. I ended up in the hospital with "hobbit hand" (my term; the doctors call it cellulitis, a potentially quite serious infection that hit my right arm), then made it home for some therapeutic night-sledding, Irish coffee, and Christmas gifts with my family in Wisconsin. Hope you had a great holiday.


Anonymous said...

Yikes, dude. Sorry to hear Santa brought you an infection this year. Excemarry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAA ohmygod, Paul - I can't believe that book is still around. I remember opening that huge box from her several years ago, which included the Keeping Secrets book; another(!) auto-biography; info about her hopeful Broadway Play, "The Blonde in the Thunderbird;" and a box of sugar-free chocolates.