Harmut Schwarzbach and Manila's "Aroma Smoky Mountain"

When Harmut Schwarzbach found nine-year-old "Annalyn" bouncing on a trashed armchair in a Manila dump, she was malnourished, her body the size of a five-year old's. Schwarzbach's series on children living in charcoal camps in "Aroma Smokey Mountain" won him third prize in UNICEF's Photo of the Year contest. UNICEF writes:
Like most other children in this camp, Annalyn has to search for wood among the garbage every day, bring it to an oven and monitor the charcoal production amidst acrid smoke and unbearable heat. Together with her siblings and parents, she has to bring thousands of liters of water to extinguish the fire and collect the finished charcoal. The family has to hand over most of their yield to the local mafia.
Via Conscientious.

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