More Party Animals

An ass and a lumbering elephant? Are these the metaphors we want to limit our political parties to? They've served us well -- except, in recent years, for the Republicans' raging elephant, perhaps -- but More Party Animals suggests our political system needs more variety.

This movement (and t-shirt selling enterprise) offers a range of new animal icons, in patriotic red, white, and blue, leaving it up to us -- it seems -- to come up with the parties behind them. Not a bad notion at all. (My more cynical side wonders if the group is offering alternatives: The GOP could trade its pachyderm for, say, a flock of sheep. And those can't-say-no-to-Iraq Democrats? How about a bunch of starred-and-striped pussies?)

Via The Unconvention.


Kirk Andrew said...

I like the jellyfish for the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Though I'll take any animal for the libertarian party,
I prefer the giraffe, moose, turtle or dog.