Some conservatives are irked that Google tweaked its logo last week -- making the second G out of an illustration of Sputnik -- to commemorate a historic aeronautical achievement by America's Cold War nemesis 50 years ago. One blogger called the decision "a kick in the belly," while another -- assuming political and not scientific motives -- suggested Google is unpatriotic: "When they ignore Veterans Day and Memorial Day, I think they're telling us something about the way they view America." (Full disclosure: I swiped the dot.commie gag from Stephan Colbert, who used it in his fantastic "takedown" of Media Matters.)

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Ed Kohler said...

I figure it goes someting like this, "Man, this war thing is killing us in the ratings. We have to change the subject. What about that Google logo? Google's based in California, right? Near San Francisco? Booya!"