Photographer Alec Soth, probably Minnesota's most-read art blogger, points out a tacky press release by Zuma Press, a stock photography outfit that licenses work by local photographers in areas where news occurs. It read:
Breaking News!

EXCLUSIVE IMAGE! Freeway bridge collapses into Mississippi River during rush hour in Minneapolis, with at least six people are dead, dozens more are injured, some critically. The Interstate 35 bridge, under repair between St. Paul and Minneapolis, breaks into several huge sections and falls into the water with vehicles. An estimated 50 vehicles plunged into the water and onto the land below. RESTRICTIONS: USA Tabloid RIGHTS OUT! Mags and TV Call 949.481.3747 For Price !!

Photo District News (PDN), calling the release "unseemly," writes: "A total of five exclamation points. People died, many are injured. Doesn't decorum demand a two-exclamation-point limit?"

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