Health Insurance Co's response to SiCKO

Michael Moore was leaked an internal memo by Barclay Fitzpatrick, the VP of Corporate Communications at Capital BlueCross. Complete with audience reactions and talking points to counter claims in the film, the memo gives a good glimpse into how healthcare execs think and how dangerous they seem to think this film is.

"You would have to be dead to be unaffected by Moore's movie," he writes, later saying that SiCKO leaves audiences "ashamed to be...a capitalist, and part of a 'me' society instead of a 'we' society."

He's also concerned that, as the "market leader," Blue Cross will be affected by this film:
As a health care industry educated viewer it is easy to pick out where Moore is cultivating misperceptions to further a political agenda, but you will also recognize that 80%+ of the audience will have their perceptions substantially affected. In demonstration of its impact, an informal discussion group ensued outside the theatre after the movie. While some people recognized how one-sided the presentation was, most were incredulous and "I didn't know they (the insurers) did that!" was a common exclamation followed by a discussion of the example.

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Unknown said...

Doesn't he mean "credulous"? If most people were incredulous, he wouldn't worry about people's perceptions being affected.