Dessert @ First Amendment Arts


I checked out the opening of Dessert at First Amendment Arts Saturday night. The show features 100 or so collaborative artworks created by six-year old Cohen Morano with artists like Barry McGee, Shepard Fairey, Gary Taxali, Kaws, and others. We ran into Witt Siasoco from the Walker, hip-hop graphic designer (and Cohen's onetime collaborator) Cey Adams, and Burlesque of North America's Wes Winship, as well as Cohen and his dad, Aye Jay. The artist and his dad were gracious and warm. Aye Jay told us about his new project, the follow up to his Gangster Rap Coloring Book, The Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book:
Headbangers get the chance to color legends like Metallica, Danzig, and Pantera; help get Spinal Tap through a backstage maze; complete the Black Metal word scramble and hair metal crossword; and solve heavy metal Sudoku.
The opening featured music by DJ Mike the 2600 King (shown below beside Cohen's skateboard designs and a print of Che-bacca by Aye Jay) and an ice cream sundae bar complete with chocolate-covered gummi worms.

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