Big Q blogger joins Minnesota Monitor

Big news: Eric Black, the veteran Star Tribune journalist and creator of the paper's popular Big Question blog, is joining Minnesota Monitor as a national fellow, blogger, and mentor. As he told me on Friday when he announced he was taking a contract buyout at the paper, he's been experimenting with a new voice that's not the "disembodied voice of the reporter" -- and he hopes to continue such experimentation with MNMON.

"The work I've done in the last couple of years has been my own personal exploration of finding that better way, that sweet spot between the best things about journalism and the best things about blogging," he said. "I don't make any claims that I've located that spot, but I've enjoyed the search, and I'll continue searching for it."

One big question remains, though: what'll happen to the successful blog he leaves behind at the Strib?

Eric is expected to post on these topics at The Big Question any minute now.

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