Spoon, Cherry, Weird Toy.

One of the questions in the "How Minnesotan are you?" quiz is whether you've ever had your photo taken in front of the Walker's Claes Oldenburg sculpture Spoonbridge and Cherry. If you're a local, or just passing through, you probably have.

But have you done the perspective games (of the I-squish-your-head variety)? Painted a Spoonbridge art car? How about posing your favorite toy in front of the Minneapolis icon. At The Day Job, I started noticing the latter -- and now I'm looking for more photographic examples. Leave a comment if you've seen an example -- like Fred Flintstone, a yarn kitty, and Italian Jesus-- of the holding-something-in-front-of-Spoonbridge meme. If I find enough, I might do a feature in the Walker magazine. Thanks.

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