AltWeeklyDeathWatch shuts down

The anonymous blog AltWeeklyDeathwatch, having taken more than a passing interest in City Pages' editor Kevin Hoffman, has stopped publishing after reporting Hoffman threatened legal action against what he dubs a "hate site." Created in January by former employees of Village Voice and New Times (now merged as Village Voice Media), the site aimed to "chronicle the death spiral of the American alternative weekly as it descends through identity crisis, self-parody, and irrelevance."

In its final post, the site said Hoffman "has rained both legal and vaguely physical threats on our source," and added that the decision to stop publishing was made after "folks with no connection to this blog are named in a comments section."

The site has criticized Hoffman's writing, professional demeanor, and editorial style, while also veering into more personal areas: his marriage, choice of tattoos, and personal appearance. Asked to comment on AltWeeklyDeathwatch's shutdown, he said, "No, I'm not going to comment on that site."

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