Pods for passing

From a woman who long worked with natural childbirth techniques comes a natural death product, earth-friendly Ecopod caskets. Made from hardened, 100% recycled paper, the coffins designed by the UK's Hazel Selina take inspiration both from ancient Egyptian sarcophogi and from the form of a seedpod, a metaphor for natural cycles of life and death. Silk-screened versions, overlaid with Thai paper and screened with one of three images, are available for the artfully departed.

Earlier: Helen Nearing recalls her husband Scott's choice to die, unaided by food or medicine. "He said 'All... right,' and breathed slower and slower and slower till there was no movement anymore and he was gone out of his body as easily as a leaf drops from the tree in autumn, slowly twisting and falling to the ground."

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Lotta said...

Wow, odd. My husband and I were just talking about how odd it is that we bury these non degradable coffins. At some point we're going to run out of places to bury folks!