Announcing Signifier/Signed

I've been quietly building my autograph project--in which I've been getting celebrities like Yoko Ono, Bruce Sterling, and David Sedaris to sign "Paul Schmelzer"--into a standalone site, but now that Digg, Neatorama, and Yahoo Picks have linked to it, I'll offer a more public welcome. Inspired in part by Noam Chomsky's signing of my name, I titled the project Signifier, Signed, and so far I've got 30 or so signatures online, plus ephemera (Mikhail Baryshnikov's brush-off, pornstar artist Annie Sprinkle's words of encouragement, a post-it from Paul Wellstone). More to follow, and eventually a new non-Blogger design. Please check it out, and Digg it if you see fit. (It's on Reddit somewhere too, but I can't find the link.)

No idea what I'm talking about? Click here.

Above: my name as signed by the late, great Sen. Paul Wellstone.


Anonymous said...

Dude, that so rocks.

Валентин Дьяконов / Valentin Diaconov said...

Here's the cyrillics for you in a handy jpeg:


Keep up the good chase!