CO2 ground war.

Eprida seems to be onto something rather remarkable: a sustainable energy technology that removes CO2 from the air by putting carbon into the topsoil where it is needed. In other words:
The Eprida technology uses agricultural waste biomass to produce hydrogen-rich bio-fuels and a new restorative high-carbon fertilizer (ECOSS). The process actually removes net CO2 from the air by stabilizing carbon in the topsoil where it is needed. In tropical or depleted soils ECOSS fertilizer sustainably improves soil fertility, water holding and plant yield far beyond what is possible with nitrogen fertilizers alone. The hydrogen produced from biomass can be used to make ethanol, or a Fischer-Troupsch gas-to-liquids diesel (BTL diesel), as well as the ammonia used to enrich the carbon to make ECOSS fertilizer.
For more, watch this Flash animation.

Also: A quick shout out to the Carbohydrate Economy. More info on this to come..

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