Report: Bush buys Paraguay paradise

Prensa Latina reports that George W. Bush has purchased a 98,842-acre farm in northern Paraguay, between Brazil and Bolivia. In one way, it makes sense: why not retire in the land where the US military has had a visible presence for over a year and that's ruled by a pro-market, Bush friendly president? Plus, Paraguay gives foreign investors all the same protections it gives its own: for people in Bush's income bracket, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agreement Agency (MIGA) "insures investors against risks such as expropriation, currency inconvertibility and damages caused by revolution, war or civil strikes." (The cons for Bush are three-fold: Brazil's lefty president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to the east, Bolivia's lefty president Evo Morales to the north, and Argentina's lefty president Nestor Kirchner to the west).

But as corruption scandals pile up in the Bush administration and legal teams are assembled in anticipation of post-2008 life, perhaps this is the most telling fact about Bush's possible retirement getaway: while the US and Paraguay have an extradition treaty, there's one glaring exemption: "political offenses."


Anonymous said...

Isn't Paraguay where all the war criminals go to 'retire"?

Anonymous said...

No. Paraguay is a country in South America, capital AssunciĆ³n, languages Spanish and Guarani, where about 6.2 million people live.

More on its history and facts here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraguay

The place where war criminals go to "retire" is called Florida.

FluidMagazine said...

This is the Captain of the Titanic getting ready to jump ship...mark my words.

Vincent said...

lived there for 9 years and it was and still is a paradise with more freedom (personal) than most anglosaxons countries. The people are also well educated and most important appear to be quite happy. (see world survey on happiness)

Anonymous said...

bush is building a survival bunker for the top 1% of america, the owners of big oil. they know that the super volcano at yellowstone is going to erupt, thus destroying the united stated and cause world wide destruction. they know it will hapen in 2012. they are using taxpayer money to build this super bunker.

Pal said...

yes,yes,yes Georgie is such an easy target. It has been easy to blame Georgie for everything which has gone wrong in the world for the last seven years, cow flatulence, earthquakes, ice cap melting, constipation, .... the list is endless. If you look at [and are stupid enough to believe] all the events attributed to Georgie your only reasonable conclusion is that he is a god as only a god could perform such miracles of malady.

Let's blame the Yanqui Boogieman!