Attack of the Giant Robot!

Next week, Giant Robot founders Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong are visiting the Walker Art Center as part of the Asian-themed Student Open House. To promote the visit, we asked GR contributor and artist Souther Salazar to create an original artwork. He did, and offered this explanation:
i came up with the design by asking scott to tell me about the walker, the event, about minneapolis this time of season, the trees, the animals, and anything else he could think of. scott gave me a list, told me about the leaves on the ground, the state bird, the look of the walker center, and many other things.

after reading his list and looking at the pictures he sent, i sat sat down and drew everything that came to mind. i made the giant robot logo into a real robot that eric and martin are inside of, piloting it on their way through minneapolis. the 2-man band, the birthday suits are slightly ahead of them on the bridge. i had them all coming in from the left because that's the side of the paper i started on, and their destination, the walker center, on the right, because that is where i finished.

Off-Center has more.

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