Art/design notes.

• High art: Just after Willie Nelson's bust for pot and psilocybin mushrooms, artist JSG Boggs--whose hand-drawn dollar bills earned him a Supreme Court trial and praise from Ira Glass--was arrested for meth possession.

• Cubicle racer: This one's for all of you out there who face the drudgery of hauling boxes with a dolly--a handtruck chair!

• Design Populi: Vote now for the Cooper-Hewitt's People's Design Award. You can nominate and vote on your favorite hand-made or mass-produced design products.

• New MacArthur grants: Congratulations to 2006 MacArthur Fellows, a diverse list that ranges from composer John Zorn and violinist Regina Carter to astrophysicist Matias Zaldarriaga and nature illustrator/author David Carroll.

• Banksy backlash? UK guerrilla artist Banksy has been heralded blogwide--and in his first US solo show in Los Angeles--but is a backlash a'comin'? Animal rights activists decried his use of a painted live elephant (which LA animal services officials ordered him to scrub clean) in the LA show, he got "banksied" by another artist who installed his own work alongside Banksy's, and a top art blogger offers a "mea culpa" for his role in the artist's online hype.

• "Robin Rhode" TV spot: South Africa's Robin Rhode, whose first US show was the Walker's 2003 How Latitudes Become Forms is getting a lot of attention lately for his site-specific chalk and charcoal drawings on flat surfaces. He's even been "blatantly ripped off" by Nike. Watch a Walker Channel webcast of a panel discussion on contemporary art and Africa featuring Rhode.

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