The kiss and the kiss off.

A folksy, low-fi aesthetic. Biting (or in this case kissing) political comment. Tyler's right: this float, showing Joe Lieberman getting smooched post-SOTU by Bush, is as good as any Thomas Hirschhorn sculpture I've seen.

Speaking of kissing: After losing the Connecticut primary to Democratic challenger Ned Lamont (thanks in part to the netroots), Lieberman is telling voters--not to mention the Democratic party--to kiss off by filing as an independent in the November election.


Rehab sevad my life said...

Lieberman is a politician who has been hard to classify in left-right terms, although his close political ties to George W. Bush, his unquestioning support of US involvement in Iraq and his support for the death penalty (including for minors) have led to the criticism that Lieberman is more Republican than Democrat.

Norwegianity said...


I dunno. I never care much for art that looks like I could have done it.

Paul Schmelzer said...

Then you'll LOVE his project at the Walker this fall: Cavemanman, a cave made out of packing tape, aluminum foil, and cardboard.