Kennedy: The blog that wasn't

It seems the only research Mark Kennedy's campaign did on blogs before starting one had to do with learning the acronym MSM, which is hurled there with great frequency. But a look at the site suggests that that alone does not a blog make--and it might actually harm his congressional campaign.

First the logistics: Kennedy doesn't actually blog, so the content, provided by campaign manager Pat Shortridge, is just more campaign talking points, unsubstantiated by links or research (the only hyperlink is to MK's home page, the same one that's hosting the blog). For instance:
The plan and [Kennedy's campaign] tour clearly have our friends on the other side a bit agitated. I think I know why. While they use change as a buzzword, as a political slogan, Mark has offered a real plan with real solutions to bring real change.
There are other criticisms, which Joe lists here, like no permalink function and no comments--so, therefore, only a semblance of real dialogue. But the most glaring thing is the rich opportunity it invites for critique: considering Shortbridge seems to see the medium as merely another vehicle for campaign sloganeering, instead of for conversation that's accountable to a responsive audience, does Shortridge really want to cut down his opponent in this forum? The Kennedy blog's August 22 post, targeting an Amy Klobuchar ad, exposes Kennedy to ridicule moreso than it denigrates Klobuchar:
(1) Why has Amy Klobuchar mentioned only once, in the most cursory fashion, that she is a Democrat? Why is she running from her party? Is it because she knows how far out of the mainstream they have moved?
In Kennedy's most recent ad, he fails to mention his party affiliation. Is he running from his party? Probably. (Only one his TV spots, presumably the one airing just before Shortbridge's post, mention the Republican party.)
(2) Why hasn’t Amy Klobuchar once mentioned one of her heroes, the man she hopes to replace, Senator Mark Dayton? Is she running away from Senator Dayton because his approval rating stands 99th out of 100 Senators?
Nor does Kennedy mention George W. Bush in his ads. Is it because his boss' approval ratings hover around 36%?
(3) Amy Klobuchar has now talked about prosecuting judges, CEOs, scam artists, and tax cheats. Why has she gone out of her way to avoid talking about prosecuting violent criminals? Why is she running away from her record?
Running away from one's record. That's rich.

Shortridge's final finger-wag borders on the Geraldo-esque: "Will we get answers from Amy Klobuchar to any of these questions? Will anyone else even ask?"

Uh, Shortbridge did. But too bad there's no place to leave an answer.

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