The price of being despised.

At least $2.9 million dollars: that's how much the US taxpayers are forking over for George W. Bush's security detail as he attends the G8 summit in St. Petersberg. "Detail" may be a misnomer as it suggests something small and precise: in fact, Bush's unprecedented security pricetag included two 747 jets, three dozen armored vehicles (including 20 that were flown in by the US government), three helicopters, and more than 100 secret service agents.

Should taxpayers have to foot the bill for the president's safety? Absolutely. But shouldn't our troops--some who still have no body armor--have some protection in an actual war zone?

Speaking of body armor, why can't Rep. Gene Taylor, D-Miss., get a straight answer from the Pentagon on why government payouts to an official for Point Blank Body Armor, contracted to outfit US troops, reportedly increased from $500,000 in 2001 to $70 million in 2004?

[image: babies don't like him either.]

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