Answer me this:

And I'm not just being a smartass: When Israel attacks a guerrilla group within the sovereign nation of Lebanon, isn't it a declaration of war against that country? Aren't there international laws about such things? Is Lebanon's army fighting against this incursion from the south? I mean, wouldn't Canada retaliate if the US started carpetbombing some militia group in tunnels beneath Winnipeg?


Anonymous said...

winnipeg ;)

Paul Schmelzer said...

Amen to that. Sorry about the misspelling!

Spoke said...

Canada hasn't the balls to do anything...and I hate war! Uncle George will have that border down if he gets in ever again!
and Harper will continue to lick his boots!

Anonymous said...

This is not a guerrilla group. The group is a party in the Lebannon government and has representation in their parlament! If anything, it is an attack on Lebanon, period.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree. "Guerrilla" is simply a tactic of warfare; it doesn't designate whether those using said tactic are official actors of a government. Regardless, I see Hezbollah as more like the IRA. Like Sinn Fein, Hezbollah has seats in the cabinet, but I know of few people who would call the IRA anything other than an independent terrorist group.