Who would Jesus tolerate?

As a suburban Twin Cities church refuses to care for a transgendered woman at their government-subsidized service center, nationally things aren't looking much better: a 22-year-old student at Georgia Institute of Technology--citing her deep Christianity--is suing the school to overturn tolerance policies including harassment, diversity training, and anti-discrimination rules.

"Christians," says Rev. Rick Scarborough (speaking in defense of that plucky sect that counts more than 78% of Americans as members), "are going to have to take a stand for the right to be Christian."

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strnj said...

How can this "church" maintain its' presumably not-for-profit status if it discriminates in this fashion? Is this any different than if a Jew, Muslim, or Hindu wanted to participate in the program?
If they want a private club, get them off the dole and let them pay taxes. We'll see how long their high-minded hypocracy lasts then . . .
And for them to subsidized by our tax dollars, as well? And the local government let's them continue to do so, as long as they don't (wink, wink) discriminate against any one else? How spineless the public's caretakers (gov't.)
Herein lies the most fundamental problem with "faith-based" government-funded social work - there's always going to be an "us" (believers from same socio-economic, racial background) and a "them" (non-believers, or different believers, or just different), and only the "us" are going to get a fair deal; "them" are just going to get whatever "us" wants to deal out (and why aren't "them" grateful for it?) and no publicly elected official or factotum in the "us" community is going to give a damn or do anything about it.
Lastly, this is a "Christian" church? Quick, someone lend them a Bible - I'd suggest the Sermon on the Mount for starters - or better yet, give them some government money to buy bibles . . .