Bush beat

Bush's new prescription drug benefit is as easy to understand as... buying a car. His fumbled reply to a retiree's group suggests it's been awhile since he's bought one of his own:
This guy has got a great question because really what he's talking about is transparency in pricing. When you go buy a car, you know exactly what they're going to charge you. (Laughter.) Well, sometimes you don't know. (Laughter.) Well, you negotiate with them. (Laughter.) Well, they put something on the window that says price. (Laughter.) His point is, is that the more you know about price, the better you can make better decisions, and I appreciate that.
As the impeachment "chorus grows," ThinkProgress publishes a timeline of the three-year Iraq War. Relive the memories: Jessica Lynch, "Bring 'Em On," "Mission Accomplished," "last throes," Bush's fake turkey photo-op, "You've got to go to war with the army you have," “[M]uch of the intelligence turned out to be wrong" (Bush), and more. Learn more at ImpeachBush.org.

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