Bangkok's Mega-Bridge

"In order to relieve the commercial traffic congestion around the industrial areas of Bangkok Port, Poochao Saming Phrai Road and Suksawat Road the King initiated the idea of a ring road system." Now in construction, the Industrial Ring Road Bridge (aka Mega-Bridge) stretches 13 km and required the demolition of 881 houses and factories and the commissioning of the world's largest moveable scaffolding system.

More details here.

In other bridge news:
Workers inspecting the structural foundation of the Brooklyn Bridge have found a stockpile of '50s-era survival rations that suggest the depth of fear during the Cold War. Discovered in the bridge vault were water drums, paper blankets, medical supplies, drugs designed to treat shock, and 352,000 Civil Defense All-Purpose Survival Crackers--still intact.

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miserychick said...

thanks for posting this, i was in bkk in january and saw the construction, but never quite found out much info about it.