Love, Charlie.

Nicole Dotin and Eric Olson (a former Walker designer and brainchild behind Process Type Foundry, which realized the Walker's new identity system) have an Italian Greyhound named Charlie. Every day they add a new image of a dog so skinny the sun shines right through him. (Above, he's witnessing a rollover outside the Dotin/Olson window.) Having just returned from a hard weekend helping my parents bury Ace, our family's 14-year old Shetland Sheepdog, I wanted to post this--and this, a Flickr set comprised entirely of imagery of airborne cats--with the Buddha post below (as Ace has long been my furry dharma guide), but Charlie deserves his own post.

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Cz said...

I'm addicted to "Love, Charlie"

I saw it on Yahoo! Picks and immediately fell in love with Charlie. It's my homepage at work, and every day my students say, "Oh, what's Charlie up to?" -- they just adore the shots. Next year I'm going back to teaching English, so I will most likely use him as a prompt for creative writing.