Fecal fuel.

Dog poo: that's what San Franciscans will be turning into methane gas for cooking, heat, or electricity under a new pilot program. A waste collection company will provide biodegradable baggies for picking up poop at a dog park. It'll all go into a methane digester which produces usable methane. San Francisco has an estimated 240,000 dogs, which produce some 6,500 tons of the brown stuff. "The main impediment is probably getting communities around the country the courage to collect it, to give value to something we'd rather not talk about," said a representative of Norcal Waste. "San Francisco is probably the king of pet cities. This could be very important to them."

No shit? As Jeff writes, maybe it's a ploy to coincide with Bush's green PR tour, but it's cool nonetheless: the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will now be run on wind power.

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