What's up with text-messaging?

I've been told by a younger co-worker that there's a generational divide about text-messaging, and I seem to be on the yonder side of said gap. I can't stand peering into my cellphone, aggravating my carpal tunnel with every furtive jab of the thumb. And this abbreviated lingo—the emoticons and jargon and CU L8Rs (or whatever)—are too cutesy to endure. Jeff at the Walker puts the cut-off at around 26, give or take: older than that, you hate SMS, younger you love it.

But as a guy who can type a zillion words a minute, a web-based solution could get me on board. Textmessage.cc is one site that allows you to send free text messages via a web interface to two dozen cellphone providers in the US and UK. It also offers a function where you can include a sidebar in your blog from which your readers can send free messages. Downside: as with everything that's free, you have to endure an ad embedded in your message.

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Anonymous said...

I fall on the younger side of that divide but I'm not a lover of text messaging. I mainly use it to convey information to people I don't actually want to talk to.

It's my anti-communication device.