The GOP beer ban

Having righted the major wrongs in the world, the GOP is turning its sights on minor ones. Like cold beer:
Under a bill by Sen. Bill Alter, grocery and convenience stores would risk losing their liquor licenses if they sold beer colder than 60 degrees. The intent is to cut down on drunken driving by making it less tempting to pop open a beer after leaving the store.

“The only reason why beer would need to be cold is so that it can be consumed right away,” Alter, who has been a police offer for more than 20 years, said Thursday.

He said the idea came from a fifth-grade student in Jefferson County who was participating in a program to teach elementary students about state government.
(Thanks, Jim.)


Anonymous said...

Gosh-- if it came from a 5th grade student, then it must have scientific validity... [/sarcasm]

homebrewer2005 said...

could it be that (gasp) the politician was grabbing headlines? Oh, well. At any rate, when you stop in at a convenience store, buy a cooler, a couple bottles of water, a bag of ice and salt. After paying, put the ice, water and salt into the cooler. Add the beer. Take it to your car. In about 5 minutes, cold beer!

Alter will have to introduce a bill to ban the sale of ice, water and salt then.