Yet another potato miracle.

"This is NOT a Hoax! This is a true miracle!" While Karin Winkler has a point—the world should pursue peace—I'm not sure a wormy potato is sending exactly that message. Winkler, in true Christian style, is reportedly auctioning the cross-marked potato on eBay. She won't be alone: a potato chip with the "Holy Cross" on it has already racked up $5 in bids, and another, the "Christ Chip," allegedly (I can't see it) shows Jesus on the Cross. Current bid: $3.33, with $7 for shipping and handling.

Non-starch-based miracles: Jesus on a wampum shell, Jesus on a shark's tooth, Jesus in a catfish bone, the Navity scene in an agate, and, from a few days ago, F-150 Jesus.

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Paul Schmelzer said...

Oops, my mistake. That $5 bid was actually the reserve, which hasn't been met yet. YOU can be the first.