Portable amplification

I'm on the board of a Minneapolis theater company, Flaneur Productions (one of 12 companies in the US dubbed "hot, hip, and on the verge" by American Theatre last December). Among our season of avant-garde performance, we host a festival of underground music called Heliotrope. Today's City Pages includes an anecdote from the 2005 edition in its Local Music Yearbook '05; White Map is made up of Low's Zak Sally and Scott Brown of Skin of Earth:
Testing the concept of portable amplification during the second annual Heliotrope Festival, guitarist Scott Brown begins his set with White Map standing outside Franklin Art Works. He then walks into the show wearing his equipment—a backpack fitted with an amplifier (powered by a motorcycle battery), a belt with guitar effects, and a speaker cone that looks like a tuba above his head. Before joining drummer Zak Sally onstage, he's able to weave through the audience unhindered.
As we launch a new season, we're beginning a fundraising effort. If you could pitch $5 our way, that'd be swell. It's tax-deductible.

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