People-powered media

A new web community and magazine run by Canada's National Film Board aims to integrate "written, audio and visual media and provides a space where filmmakers and citizens can share knowledge, be entertained and most importantly debate social issues." From Treehugger:
Currently, they are featuring a project called, Diversidad, a film (still in production) following 15 young activists calling themselves The Deconstructing Dinner Caravan left Vancouver on their bikes, headed for Cancun, Mexico and The World Trade Organization's 5th Ministerial Meeting.

Along the way, they learned about sustainability, food security and the plight of farmers whose way of life is threatened in a global agricultural economy overseen by the WTO. While the future of food production is in question, the film celebrates grassroots activism and the courage of individuals who are working for positive change.
Go to CitizenShift.

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