Ever since he was 17, Rich Barlow wanted to mix Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" with the disco hit, "The Hustle." When he finally did, he geeked it out magnificently, sampling a Laurie Anderson spoken-word piece about Nicola Tesla, "Electricity" by Captain Beefheart, and "Shut Up!" by The Monks. A painter in Minneapolis who's also co-artistic director of Flaneur Productions and guitarist for The Pins, Rich explains:
[I]n college I used to joke with my friend Scott about recording it, and he said I should sample Laurie Anderson saying "this is the dance of electricity," which is where that idea came from. I think he was imagining more like just that phrase, in a "n-n-n-n-nineteen" kind of way, but when I listened to the whole thing I loved the crazy science lecture bit...
Listen to "Hustlequeen" [mp3].

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