"We don't torture," but...

We do intimidate detainees by putting them in cages with lions and pretending to execute them in a firing line, according to two Iraqis captured in 2003.
We did, by our own admission, use white phosphorus, a weapon that melts the flesh off anyone it touches, killing women and children in Fallujah. (The US flat out lied about its use before admitting it today.) Here is the disturbing documentary, aired on Italian TV, that first made the charge.
We do carry out secret flights to bring detainees to countries that allow torture, like Egypt and Afghanistan, according to Spanish police.
We are holding more than 13,000 people in Iraqi prisons, of which 1,300 have been tried for crimes. Half of those have been convicted, representing a mere 2% of all those in custody.

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Truth and Justice said...

Yes he lied...sigh...again.