A hatchet job on Vonnegut.

If you want to be irritated, read this account of a meeting between The Australian's David Nason and Kurt Vonnegut. The guy seems intent on a hatchet-job: three days prior to the interview, he hadn't even read Vonnegut's new book, and his article seems focused on Vonnegut's appearance ("an unshaven, dishevelled man with wild, curly grey hair and frayed clothing") and his own disappointment that the author didn't put on a dog-and-pony show over lunch ("Any hopes I had that Vonnegut might rise above the gloom of his book and provide me with an unforgettably entertaining lunch were quickly snuffed out.") The kicker:
But now he's old and he doesn't want to live any more. You only have to read his book to understand that. And because he can't find anything worthwhile to keep him alive, he finds defending terrorists somehow amusing.
Read it.

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Anonymous said...

Vonnegut has always played the manic-depressive part. The problem is not his political viewpoint, just the trite, faux-homespun nature of it.