Art imitates Life: Bush as Chicken Little?

Michael Berubé writes that Hollywood's latest animation effort, Chicken Little, plays out the Bush family drama, following "the trauma of a son who isn’t adequately recognized or supported by his accomplished, well-respected father." But the similarities don't end there.From Peek:
After a flukey success, Chicken Little—along with a cabal of misfits—begins to hallucinate that the sky is falling. Berubé explains that: "he experiences a complete psychotic break, and begins to believe he has obtained material evidence that the sky is, in fact, falling. The delusion builds until he is fantasizing a full-scale attack on his homeland, involving fearsome weapons of mass destruction..."
Maybe the sky is falling: Last night, a Times Square theater loaded the wrong reel. Instead of Chicken Little, eager kids were treated to the first scene of Andrea, a Spanish film that opens with a young man committing suicide.

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