Katherine Kerstine Haiku contest winners announced

Last time I mentioned Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten it was for a column in which she blamed loose-moraled '60s types for gang crime. The Minneapolis weekly City Pages has decided to commemorate her conservative screeds with a haiku contest. An early entry responded to that column (which got me my one and only link from TalkLeft):
Back in the sixties
I kept my legs together
and my eyes on God
Now, for the grand-prize winners:
First prize:
Being poor is fun.
Look what it did for Jesus:
condo in the sky!

Second prize:
Kinky Vikings are
all YOUR fault, fornicators!
Repent, culture fans!

Third prize:
Scold Vikings? Hardly.
Let's use logic of Limbaugh.
Throw flag at lefties.


b1-66er said...

food stamps are sense-less
you can't find an envelope
and no way to lick

Anonymous said...

very humorous!


Take care.