Art rock.

You know you're an art star when Calvin Tomkins profiles you in The New Yorker, but you're a cult figure when an obscure French band names a song after you. Behold: "The Rirkrit Tiravanija Song [mp3]," by Drugs Karaoke.


Paul Schmelzer said...

Bryan from Drugs Karaoke replied to my email asking about the song. He says it's "just another desperate love song so there's not much interest in understanding the lyrics. But I chose to call this way because I am an art student and I'm quite a fan of all his work so... his name seemed to fit with the mood of the song and as a consequence I finally got the title. It ain't really a song to pay a tribute to him but that was just a wink to see if people would ask us any question about his influence or something..."

Makes sense. I'd hate to have to come up with lyrics that rhyme with Tiravanija.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting in touch with Drugs Karaoke. Had trouble understanding the lyrics, but it sounded like an extinguished torch song. Not up to Jonothan Richman's standards but definitely better than Starry Starry Night.