Art. Fart.

Adbusters #51, with cover by Banksy

I cringed when I heard from Adbusters editor/ founder Kalle Lasn that he wanted to call the current issue "Artfart." The term seemed so dated, dismissive, and...flatulent. But the issue turned out to be one of the more nuanced and, I think, interesting in a long time (full disclosure: I was the the art editor). But little did I know how much traction the term artfart has on the 'net:

It's the name of a Dutch street-art site in the spirit of Streetsy and Wooster Collective.

It's the name of a German art site featuring graphically bold "kreative flatulenz."

It's the URL for a page that hosts Nikki's graduation pictures (congratulations, Nikki!).

Throw in an apostrophe—Art's—and its a gag gift emporium specializing in "dog doo keychains" and whoopie cushions.

Kidding aside, I thought it was a great issue, and I'd be curious what you think of it. ( Click here to buy it)

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