More Venom.

My earlier post on the faux Specialized bike line Venom has generated some curious comments. Marc writes in to say that the bikes are "shopped versions of a conceptual artist's tutorial"—that is, a demontration of digital rendering (the second photo is a draft sketch from the site Marc mentions, the first from the original post). And "Verdra Ciretop" makes this claim:
I wrote the article as an April Fool's prank, after finding the pictures on the web. If you look closely, you'll see that most of the bikes are impossible (eg no steering). But it is rather entertaining to send people to the article and have them drool over the pictures until they clue in that it's a joke!
Update: Um, missed this. Verdra's site says the bike was announced during a November 31st press conference in Tokyo. The 31st, eh?

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Anonymous said...

There were several clues that it was a joke, the 31st was indeed one clue. Another was the publisher mentioned at the end of the article: "Loof Lirpa" Publishing. Try reading it backwards.